ANSI/ASHRAE 128-2011

ANSI/ASHRAE 128-2011

Standard 128-2011 -- Method of Rating Portable Air Conditioners(ANSI Approved) ASHRAE / 2011 / 10 pages

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First published in 1989, Standard 128 establishes a uniform set of requirements for rating the cooling capacity of portable air conditioners.

This revision of the standard includes an updated title, a more focused scope concentrated on a narrower range of cooling capacities, and a standardized method for rating portable air conditioners. The 2011 version of Standard 128 was adapted with modifications from C370-09 by the Canadian Standards Association.

Keyword: portable air conditioners

Product Code(s): D-86409,86409

This product replaces:ANSI/ASHRAE 128-2001 - Standard 128-2001 -- Method of Rating Unitary Spot Air Conditioners (ANSI Approved)
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