B11 B11.1-2001

B11 B11.1-2001
B11 B11.1-2001 Safety Requirements for Mechanical Power Presses

standard published 01/01/2001 by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology)

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The requirements of this standard apply only to those mechanically-powered machine tools commonly referred to as mechanical power presses, which transmit force mechanically to cut, form, or assemble metal or other materials by means of tools or dies attached to or operated by slides.

Excluded from the requirements of this standard are: bulldozers; cold-headers and cold formers; eyelet machines; forging presses and hammers; high-energy-rate presses; hot-bending and hot-metal presses; hydraulic power presses; iron workers and detail punches; metal shears; pneumatic power presses; powdered-metal presses; press welders; power pressure brakes; riveting machines; turret and plate-punch machines; wire terminating machines; and welding presses.

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