B11 B15.1-2000 (R2008)

B11 B15.1-2000 (R2008)
B11 B15.1-2000 (R2008) [ Withdrawn ] Safety Standard for Mechanical Power Transmission Apparatus

standard published 08/02/2000 by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology)

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The content and requirements of this standard have been incorporated into ANSI B11.19-2010

The requirements of this Standard apply to any source of hazard to people from the operation of mechanical power transmission apparatus on machines, equipment, or systems that are stationary in their use, other than the point operation. This Standard applies to the sources of mechanical power, and also to pulleys, gears, and other mechanical components used to transmit power to the point of operation. Where other standards take precedence by specific reference to power transmission apparatus, this B15.1 Standard shall not apply. Hazards to people pertain to the rotating, oscillating, reciprocating, transversing, or other motions associated with equipment used in the mechanical transmission of power. See ANSI B11, Standards on Safety Require- ments for Construction, Care, and Use of Machine Tools, for "machine tools" point of operation and related workzone safe practices. This Standard does not apply to mobile equipment. "Stationary in their use" also includes mechanical power trans- mission apparatus which is mounted on, part of, or attached to equipment which is capable of being moved when the mechanical power transmission apparatus is not performing its function. This Standard does not apply to lift trucks, transit concrete mixers, and other similar pieces of mobile equipment.

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