SAE J506

SAE J506 1995 Edition, June 1, 1951 Sleeve Type Half Bearings

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Description / Abstract: Scope - This SAE Standard defines the normal dimensions, dimensioning practice, tolerances, specialized measurement techniques, and glossary of terms for bearing inserts commonly used in reciprocating machinery.

The standard sizes cover a range which permits a designer to employ, in proper proportion, the durability and lubrication requirements of each application, while utilizing the forming and machining practices common in manufacture of sleeve type half bearings.

Not included are considerations of hydrodynamic lubrication analysis or mechanical stress factors of associated machine structural parts which determine the nominal sizes to be used, selection of bearing material as related to load carrying capacity, and economics of manufacture. For information concerning materials, see SAE J459 and SAE J460.

These suggested sizes provide guidelines which may result in minimal costs of tooling but do not necessarily represent items which can be ordered from stock.

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