IEC 60533

IEC 60533 3rd Edition, August 1, 2015 Electrical and electronic installations in ships – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Ships with a metallic hull

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Description / Abstract:

This International Standard specifies minimum requirements for emission, immunity and performance criteria regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment for ships with metallic hull. Additional or divergent requirements for ships with nonmetallic hull will be given in a future International Standard (IEC 62742). 

This International Standard assists in meeting the relevant EMC requirements as stated in SOLAS 74, Chapter IV, Regulation 6 and Chapter V, Regulation 17. Reference to this International Standard is made in IMO Resolution A.813(19). 

The normative part of this International Standard has been prepared as a product family EMC standard. This International Standard further gives guidelines and recommendations on the measures to achieve EMC in the electrical and electronic installations of the following equipment groups: 

a) group A: maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems; 

b) group B: power generation and conversion equipment; 

c) group C: equipment operating with pulsed power; 

d) group D: switchgear and controlgear; 

e) group E: intercommunication and signal processing equipment and control systems; 

f) group F: non-electrical items and equipment; g) group G: integrated systems. 

The basic EMC standard for groups A and C is IEC 60945. The EMC requirements according to IEC 60945 apply additionally for

  • bridge mounted equipment;
  • equipment in close proximity to receiving antennas;
  • equipment capable of interfering with the safe navigation of the ship and with radio communication.

Effects on humans, like exposure to electromagnetic fields, and basic safety requirements such as protection against electric shock and dielectric strength tests for equipment are not within the scope of this International Standard.


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